Slingo Rainbow Riches Information Overview

What you need to know about Slingo Rainbow Riches

There are multiple game installments of the Rainbow Riches slot game series. Naturally, their style and concepts should differ and be mostly unique to each other to be immersive and interesting to the casual or new and upcoming players. With the numerous varieties of Rainbow Riches slot games, in this article section, we will explore one of the most popular ones, the Slingo Rainbow Riches.

What this game has to offer to us is its engaging mechanics called “Slingo”; It is a portmanteau of “Slot” and “Bingo” combined into one. Moreover, because of its combination, it will look like you are playing two games in one. The best thing about this one is that the game is not entirely based on luck but also relies on the strategic mind and patience of the player. There are certain rules and mechanics that you need to understand the basics of so you can formulate different kinds of strategies and gameflow of your own. If ever you see this kind of game for the first time, there is a chance that you will be intimidated because many things are going on. However, you have nothing to worry about as long as you read the general idea of the game in the next sections of this article. 

How do you play Slingo Rainbow Riches?

Before playing the game, it is recommended to play the demo mode first. As you start the game, choose a bet that is comfortable for you. You can either increase or decrease the bet amount by simply clicking the “+” and “-” buttons. As you start the game, you are usually given 10 balls to start. 

The reels consist of 5x5 grids. Similar to how you play a bingo, every spin you make generates random numbers. If those numbers match any of the numbers in the reels, they will be marked off. Continue spinning until the marked-off numbers create a pattern like horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. 

The term “Slingo” you can see on the game’s left side is the bingo(the pattern of marked-off numbers). When you reach the threshold of 5 Slingos, you will start activating some of the game’s bonuses. More information about the bonuses can be seen below. 

Bonuses You Need to Know

In the game, a minimum of Slingos will activate the first bonus of the game. Reach until 10 bonus and you will expect potential biggest prizes to win. 

5 Slingos: Wishing Well Bonus - 3 Wishing Wells will appear. Choose one of them and you will be awarded with instant prize multiplier.

6 Slingos: Cash Crop Bonus - 50 spinning coins will appear. These coins will reward you with an instant prize multiplier. 

7 Slingos: Magic Toadstool Bonus - Similar to Wishing Well Bonus but it is mushrooms this time. Choose one of these mushrooms and you will be awarded with instant prize multiplier. Moreover, there is a chance that a fairy will help you reveal what’s the hidden prize of the mushrooms before choosing.

8 Slingos: Magic Toadstool Red Bonus - The same with Magic Toadstool’s mechanics but the prizes are significantly higher. 

9 Slingos: Road to Riches Bonus - With the mini-slot, you are to take on a road. The road consists of different ascending number multipliers. Meaning, that every step you make increases the multiplier prizes. Moreover, if you ever reach the end of the road with the help of the mini-slot, you are awarded with 500x multiplier. 

10 Slingos: Road to Riches Red Bonus - The same with Road to Riches but the end of the road rewards you with a whopping 1000x multiplier. 

Tips and Tricks 

It is recommended to acknowledge that this is a long-term type of game. You need a long time to progress to get the different benefits of the game’s bonuses. Bet smaller amounts at the start of the game and when you unlock some bonuses such as the Magic Toadstool or Road to Riches, this is where you take risks by betting higher, and naturally, you will have a chance to win bigger prizes. 

What is the RTP of Slingo Rainbow Riches?

The average RTP of this game is 95.6%. But remember, the RTP rate is always varied from player to player. 

 What is the biggest amount I can win here?

You can win for up to 1000x of your stake if you are lucky enough. 

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